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Board materials

EN 13986 “Wood-based panels for use in construction - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking” is a harmonised standard and therefore specifies CE marking requirements for board materials used in construction.

The standards applies to a number of board materials including Orientated Strand Boards (OSB), Cement-bonded particleboard, Fibreboard, Plywood, LVL and Solid Wood Panels. Specific requirements are also given for structural floor, roof decking and wall sheathing uses.

There are three conditions specified; dry, humid and external and these apply to structural and non-structural uses.

There are also a number of product standards covering the manufacture of different board materials such as EN 300 for OSB and EN 636 for plywood.

Characteristic design values (not to be confused with product control values given in some of the product standards) are given in a number of other standards including:

• EN 12369-1 “Wood-based panes – Characteristic values for structural design – Part 1: OSB, particleboards and fibreboards”
• EN 12369-2 “Wood-based panes – Characteristic values for structural design – Part 2: Plywood”
• EN 12369-3 “Wood-based panes – Characteristic values for structural design – Part 3: Solid-wood panels”

Design values may also be given in an ETA (European Technical Approval” or similar documentation.

Manufacturers would be expected to reference characteristic design values in their DoP and CE marking and/or accompanying information as some aspects of the relevant standard may not apply (e.g. EN 12369-2 gives a plywood classification system and also specifies the format for the presentation of characteristic values).

More information is given in our Timber Information Sheets.

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