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Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Following the introduction of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in July 2013 it is now mandatory that all construction products have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and be CE marked where they are covered by a harmonised European specification (EN standard or European Technical Assessment ETA).

The CPR lays down seven ‘Basic Requirements for Construction Works’ and states that construction products must be fit for their intended use and also for the health and safety of persons involved in the works. The products must satisfy the following seven basic works requirements:

  1. Mechanical resistance and stability

  2. Safety in case of fire

  3. Hygiene, health and the environment

  4. Safety and accessibility in use

  5. Protection against noise

  6. Energy economy and heat retention

  7. Sustainability of natural resources.

If a product has a harmonised EN or has been issued with an ETA then the manufacturer must prepare a Declaration of Performance (DoP) stating the declared performances of the product against the essential characteristics listed in the standard and then the CE mark can be applied to the product.

Under the CPR, if there is no harmonised standard or ETA then there are no requirements to issue a DoP or to CE mark the product. There are also a limited number of situations (e.g. for traditional works) where a DoP need not be drafted.

The format of a DoP is given in the CPR while the essential requirements and CE marking requirements are given in the relevant harmonised standard.

More information is given in our Timber Information Sheets.