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Timber Frame

I.S. 440: 2009+A1:2014 “Timber Frame Construction, Dwellings and other Buildings” is the Irish standard on timber frame construction.

The standard refers to responsibilities, materials, design (to Eurocode 5), manufacture, construction details, site work and services.

Work on the revision of I.S. 440 commenced in 2015, largely to bring it in line with the requirements of different European standards, the Construction Products Regulations and recent changes to the Building Regulations framework.

More information is given in our Timber Information Sheets.

The following list of Timber Frame Manufacturers is based on currently available information and will be updated periodically. Inclusion in the list does not imply any form of of approval by WTI. Timber Frame Manufacturers are invite to provide WTI with updated details of their company and of the products manufactured.

List of Timber Frame Manufacturers